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Design Your Dream Wine Cellar Today!

Our custom cellars are curated, temperature-controlled environments designed to house your wine collection and ensure its quality. We understand that wine is a living and breathing thing that requires care and attention.

Step 1

measuring wood

Gather the dimensions and goals of your potential wine cellar space.

Step 2

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Request a FREE Design Consultation or Call 833-428-2924.

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We’ll design your wine cellar using cutting-edge technology.

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Custom Wine Cellar

You enjoy the good life—and the cellar of your dreams.

Because Your Collection Deserves It

Whether your collection features a few cases or a few thousand bottles, our team of professional Wine Storage Consultants can help you create the perfect wine cellar. Cellaring and aging wine is a labor of love. And each bottle of wine — whether oaky or dry, supple or tart — deserves to be cherished, protected and displayed with care.

Discover Why Trade Professionals Love to Partner with Wine Enthusiast

Save Time

You have a business to run. Let us design that wine cellar for you.

Ensure Quality

Our expertise in home and hospitality is second to none.

Wow Customers

Our custom cellars are designed to impress. A partnership with Wine Enthusiast leads to happy and loyal customers.

Storage Options for Collections of all Sizes

Don’t need an entire cellar? Choose from our fast, alternative wine storage solutions.

Wine Racking Options

Our beautiful yet durable wine cellar racks are hand-cut, hand-sanded, and sourced from the finest forests in the world. From Oak and Pine to Redwood and Mahogany, our racks are designed with your wine in mind.

Wine bottle rack
Custom Cellar

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Properly storing wine is just as important as beautifully displaying it. With that in mind, Wine Enthusiast has developed discreet, digital cooling systems designed to maintain the quality of your valuable collection.

Freestanding Cellars: An Alternative Solution

Whether you need to lay down a few bottles or store wine at the proper service temperature, our freestanding cellars provide a sleek yet quick, out of the box solution for your wine storage needs.

Custom Cellar

Start Imagining Your Wine Cellar

Download our design guide to start selecting desired features for your ideal wine cellar.

Contact Us to Get A Free Design Consultation

Whether your needs are big or small, commercial or residential, functional or ornate,
Wine Enthusiast can guide you in creating a truly stunning wine cellar. Fill out your
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