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C’est Fantastique! Sainte Marguerite in Provence Launches New Rosé

Hopping on the next flight to Provence may not be in the cards this summer, though Pernod Ricard USA has the next best solution. Following the acquisition of Sainte Marguerite en Provence in 2022, the brand is introducing its two latest rosé cuvées—Château Sainte Marguerite Fantastique Rosé 2023 Cru Classe and Maison Sainte Marguerite Symphonie Rosé 2023—just in time for the upcoming summer season. These two unique wines offer an unexpected and elevated way to enjoy Provençal rosé, particularly for those curious to explore the path less traveled. 

About Fantastique and Symphonie

According to Pernod Ricard USA, these new signature rosé cuvées do not conform to a moment, place or season. They’re perfect for enjoying year-round as an apéritif or elevated accompaniment to a sprawling variety of dishes.

Symphonie Rosé pays homage to the long-standing savoir-faire of quality-focused rosé production embodied by the Provence region. Harmonious and finessed, the wine pours a shimmering pink hue in the glass, complemented by delicate aromatics of citrus and peach. Light and airy, the wine offers an accessible introduction to the house style of the Domaine. 

Fantastique rosé is the only certified organic and vegan cru classé rosé to hail from the Côtes de Provence. Composed of Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle (Vermentino) sourced from the best parcels of the Château Sainte Marguerite vineyard, the wine offers floral-tinged flavors of peach, pear, citrus, and tropical fruits. Also, it’s crafted using latest-generation vineyard technology, which simultaneously reduces the estate’s carbon footprint. 

“Our top priorities at the vineyard are respect for the environment, our customers and our staff. This echoes the standards that guide us in everything we do,” says Olivier Fayard, Sainte Marguerite en Provence CEO and winemaker. “We gained knowledge of the different terroirs while building up the vineyard. For nearly 50 years, we’ve learned how to understand them in order to express their best qualities.” Fayard states that the hallmark of a great wine producer is the ability to think outside of the box and continuously evolve, which have been two driving factors at the estate since its earliest days. 

About the Vineyard

Comprising nearly 500 acres, the Sainte Marguerite en Provence vineyard comprises 11 plots spread across roughly 13.5 miles, all located in one of the most coveted areas of the Côtes-de-Provence AOC. The area’s diverse microclimates and array of soil types allow for the cultivation of many grape varietals, which in turn creates beautiful natural diversity. The vineyard has been cultivated organically for over 20 years, meaning that no herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides are ever used. 

About Sainte Marguerite en Provence

Sainte Marguerite en Provence is a passion-fueled, quality-driven company located on the sun-drenched Mediterranean coastline of southern France. Spearheaded by the Fayard family, the company has paved the way for innovative, high-quality rosé over four decades, led by a spirit of curiosity and independence. The brand was originally founded in 1977 by Brigitte and Jean-Pierre Fayard, two self-taught visionaries with a passion for showcasing the immense potential of high-quality rosé from Provence. 

Today, Sainte Marguerite en Provence embodies a modern, contemporary approach toward rosé production with a focus on terroir and the region’s signature joie de vivre. The exceptional quality of Sainte Marguerite rosés, paired with the family’s generations-old quest for authenticity, elevates the brand’s wines far beyond the generic bottles that flood the current market. 

Celebrate National Rosé Day with Sainte Marguerite en Provence’s Fantastique and Symphonie cuvées on Saturday, June 8th. To explore the wines of Sainte Marguerite en Provence further, visit  www.smpwines.com or follow @saintemargueriteenprovence on Instagram.