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Wine Enthusiast B-Corp Certification

We Are a Proud B Corp Certified Company

As a family-owned business, Wine Enthusiast cares deeply about legacy—what imprint will our work leave on the world? In 1979, newlyweds Adam and Sybil Strum created the first catalog with the intention of making wine accessible to anyone and everyone no matter their budget or expertise. At a time when few people had access to the wine industry, the Strums created pathways out of their own passion to spread joy. Since then, we’ve grown into a company that not only sells wine storage and solutions through our commerce offerings, but we’re a brand that educates and entertains through ourWSET-certified academyand media division. Our mission to bring wine to life for all continues under the leadership of sisters Erika and Jacqueline Strum. As the wine industry evolves, so too does Wine Enthusiast. Whether you work within the industry or simply just love wine, this is the place where there’s always a seat at the table.

We Believe

  • Wine is best shared with others and brings people together
  • Wine production relies on the health of the planet 
  • The future of the industry is our collective responsibility

What Is a B Corp Certification?

In February 2024, Wine Enthusiast became a certified B Corporation (B Corp). B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. This certification is granted by B Lab Global, the non-profit organization that creates standards, policies, and tools to make sure only businesses that are genuinely going the extra mile are accredited.

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Our Impact Score & Commitment to B Corp

Wine Enthusiast underwent a rigorous, multi-year evaluation to achieve this esteemed certification. Contributors to the B Corp Certification include:

  • Implementing a new customer experience program to elevate the service level to customers;
  • Fostering a workplace that supports diversity, equity and inclusion and families of all shapes and sizes;
  • Moving away from non-sustainable packaging to more recyclable and biodegradable materials;
  • Building select furniture and home products with reclaimed oak and whiskey barrels;
  • Working with factories that replant trees in sustainable forests and partnering with vendors to make personal house calls to address small repairs on new deliveries;
  • Donating a percentage of the company’s revenue to global and local charities every year.

Learn about Wine Enthusiast’s score

Why Is Being a B Corp Important to Us?

Erika Strum

The thought, care, and effort across the media and commerce departments to collectively take social and environmental factors into account speaks to the core values held at Wine Enthusiast. There is consideration for the impact business decisions can have on people and the planet. The company has worked incredibly hard over the years to reach this achievement.

Erika Strum Silberstein, President of Wine Enthusiast Commerce

Wine Enthusiast is committed to continue being part of the B Corp community. It’s important to support non-profits that uplift underrepresented groups, work with supply-chain partners who share in the company’s core values, and provide training in sustainability awareness to employees. We will make every effort to reduce the company’s impact on the planet and champion a better and healthier society.

Sybil Strum, Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer of Wine Enthusiast Companies
Sybil Strum

Our Core Values

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We’re not just a company; we’re a community. Our job is to enhance the lives of others, making the wine industry and all its offerings accessible and enjoyable. Delighting and educating our consumers is at the core of everything we do.

Collaboration Icon


We believe in the power of working together, sharing ideas, and leveraging our collective talents to achieve our goals. We mentor those we lead and surround ourselves with people who drive us to do more than our personal best.

Innovation Icon


We value those who think outside the box to elevate the company. We celebrate change, appreciating that a nimble culture attracts talent and motivates team members to push the envelope and build our business for the future.

Transparency Icon


Communication and integrity are the cornerstones of our relationships with each other and our customers. We speak openly about our achievements and challenges, with the goal of helping each other grow.

Empathy Icon


We support our employees with patience and understanding, recognizing that work hours represent a substantial percentage of one’s time. We encourage a diverse mindset that helps us better reflect the evolving wine culture.

Joy Icon


We recognize that our business is not just about numbers, but also about people. As a family business, we honor the importance of our employees’ home lives. We encourage fun, discovery, adventure and health for our teams.

B Corp Wine Glass

Wine Enthusiast Shop provides premium products for homes, restaurants, and tasting rooms to welcome everyone to the wine lifestyle.

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Wine Enthusiast Academy offers virtual courses on grape varietals, regions, winemaking process, and the Systematic Approach to Tasting.