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Wine Enthusiast is the exclusive U.S. distributor of EuroCave and proud partner of the inventor of the finest wine cabinets in the world.

Exclusive Wine Enthusiast Partner

Handmade in France

Over 40 Years Experience

Approved by Master Sommelier


EuroCave has dedicated itself to creating products that respect wine and the intention of the wine producer and offers a curated selection of cellars, from wine maturing cabinets that store wine in perfect conditions to wine servicing cabinets dedicated to bringing wine to the right temperature in a short period of time.


Since its formation in 1976, EuroCave has continued to innovate products that meet the requirements of both wine lovers and professionals alike. It has filed no less than 20 patents and has been responsible for the most iconic products in the wine maturing, storing and serving market.


EuroCave focuses on ergonomics and elegance, without sacrificing technology. Cabinets are developed in partnership with sommeliers to ensure the finest handling and protection of bottles. Lines, shapes and materials are carefully chosen to create a luxurious setting that honors the wine.


EuroCave begins at the conception stage with high-quality components that ensure years of faithful service. It exclusively uses aluminum for the inside walls of cabinets and employs advanced electronics, high-density insulant and high-performance compressors for superior energy efficiency. And every cellar is scientifically tested for performance.


EuroCave wine cabinets are exclusively handcrafted in France by expert craftsmen recognized for their excellent traditional and industrial skills. Technology is innovated by a team of engineers and designers with an intimate knowledge of wine. Only the finest materials are sourced, and every wine cabinet is assembled by hand, which adds to its prestige.

The EuroCave Selection

EuroCave Royale

The pinnacle of luxurious design and performance, these limited-edition cabinets are dedicated exclusively to maturing wine.

EuroCave Revelation

Luxurious high-performance cabinets, delivering optimal protection against heat, vibration, light and humidity.

EuroCave Pure

Recreates the natural climate of a deep French wine cellar, ensuring consistent optimal storage temperatures and relative humidity levels.

EuroCave La Première

Sleek straightforward design and superior technology.

EuroCave Inspiration

Setting the standard for storing and serving wine in the kitchen.

EuroCave Performance

Combining sophisticated technology with superior French styling in a built-in application.

EuroCave Professional Wine Cellars

Solutions for restaurants, hospitality, and more.

EuroCave Professional Wine Service

Commercial-grade solutions for wine-by-the-glass offerings.

EuroCave INOA Cooling System

Cutting-edge cooling wine cellar cooling units built for superior performance.

EuroCave Modulo-X

Design a tailor-made wine cellar in your interior.

EuroCave Modulosteel

Easy-to-fit racks make for a decidedly contemporary style.

“Wine Enthusiast is proud to be the exclusive distributor of EuroCave in the US. Our customer care and appliance maintenance is unparalleled.”

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